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A Silent Event is an entertainment concept where people listen to music or other media through the use of wireless headphones.

DJ Headphones


Glowing colored LED headphones indicates which channel someone is listening to, so partygoers can dance to their own beat, follow the crowd, or simply spectate.  


If someone wants to chat up a friend, they simply remove their headphones and have that conversation without trying to shout over loud music. 


The headphones can be used for a wide range of public and private events.  

  • Movies, Indoor & Outdoor

  • Private Parties: Birthdays, Ladies Night Out

  • Colleges / University Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Public Outdoor Spaces: Parks, Streets, Patios

  • Public Indoor Spaces: Museums, Libraries

  • Organized Flash Mobs

  • Corporate Presentations: Conferences/ Language Translations

  • And Much More…

Get creative and think of more unique ways to leverage the technology of wireless headphones to create fun and engaging events.

A girls listening to music by headphone


  • 12 hour battery life (fully charged)

  • Up to 3 channels of audio w/ LED lights (Blue, Red, Green)

  • Professional sound quality (Less than 1% distortion)

  • Over the ear style, cutting down on most outside noise

  • Works up to over 1,500 feet from the base (over 3 football fields long)

  • 3 individual transmitters that can be placed anywhere

  • All equipment is clean & sanitized before sending

  • Super simple Plug & Play setup

Our Simple "Plug n Play" Process


Request a Quote:


Send us a message and we'll go over all of the details relating to your event and make arrangements for pickup and drop off of the headphones.


Transmitter Setup:

Connect the transmitter to your audio source using an RCA cable.

Plug the power supply cable into the back of the transmitter and turn on the switch. 

Use the button next to the display screen at the front of the transmitter to select between channels 1, 2 or 3.  If using multiple transmitters, ensure that each transmitter is set to a different channel.


Headphone Setup:


Turn on the headphone by flicking the power switch at the bottom of the headphone.


Use the switch on the side to select the desired audio channel (1,2 or 3).

Adjust the volume control to your personal comfort level and enjoy your event.


24/7 Support:


Our team is just a phone call away and happy to help you if you have some additional setup questions.

At the end of your event, simply pack away the headphones and transmitters and we'll handle the cleaning process when they are returned.


Phone:  1 (902) 489-8440​

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